Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use Sea Salt Spray? 

It's really simple! Just a few sprays in your hair (damp or dry), tousle it through and you're good to go.

What hair type does Tidal Texture work best on? 

All hair types will benefit from our Tidal Texture Sea Salt Spray. However, those with naturally curly or wavy hair will see the best results.

How often can I use Tidal Texture?

Our Tidal Texture is totally fine to use daily!

What are the benefits of a Sea Salt Spray?

Our Tidal Texture is designed to give that beachy look but also provide you with the benefits of stronger hair, hair cell protection and other benefits like antioxidants. See all the benefits in more depth here.

Sea salt dries my hair out, will this product do the same?

Quite the opposite actually! Our Tidal Texture is specifically designed to benefit your hair, not damage it. Find out exactly what makes our unique formula the perfect addition for your hair styling here.

At what stage in my hair care/styling do I use this product?

We recommend using this as your final stage when styling your hair.

This product does not contain heat protectant properties.

Do I need to wash my hair after using Tidal Texture? 

No, this product is intended to be a leave in styling product.

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