Why Tidal Texture?

It's about making beach hair as easy as a day at the beach, without the dry, salty and crunchy feeling.

wide angle view of the Burleigh Heads head land

Coastal Beginnings...

Our story begins on the coastal shores of Burleigh Heads Queensland and sure enough, it was the influence over our brand name as 28° SOUTH is the latitude where the sunny beach town lies.

people on the beach on a sunny day with umbrellas visible and boat in the water

Effortless. It's in our nature...

It's sun-kissed skin and wavy hair, it's that low maintenance and care free look which still comes across cool and put together.

It's this kind of simplicity we strive for and we truely believe we've got it, right here in our Tidal Texture sea salt spray.

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Winter sweater on a blue background with Tidal Texture resting on the sweater sleeve

Not just for summer...

Why should that effortless wavy hair have to end when the weather gets cooler and the leaves turn a sunburnt orange? Well, it shouldn't. We reckon you should be able to have that look all 365 days of the year.

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